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Water stills, Bi-Hydro Still 4.1 model

HYDRO range presents 3 models designed as a cabinet shape, for usual distillation and bi-distillation in laboratory, obtaining high quality distillation with high purity water and free of metal ions and pyrogens.

Fully automatic continuous output.

Exclusive POBEL system for limiting the flow of water from the tap water optimizing the flow down to a necessary minimum (see ref. 10RECA0010).

The different parts made of borosilicate glass 3.3., and heater protected by a quartz sheathe lengthens its duration. Translucent color screen that displays the process, and easily removable in order to access into the water still.

Safefy device protects the water still in the event of water supply failure.

This whole range incorporates a device to fill a container without worrying when it finished. It cuts water and electrical supply to avoid useless expenses of water and electricity.

All models have wall mounting bracket. BIHYDRO models incorporate level detector for external tank.

We recommend LITOPOL detergent for glass cleaning (see 10LITO1000).




Distillation capacity L/H

Water consumption L/MIN 2
Conductivity at 20ºC (µS/cm)* 0.5

Equipo, measures height x width x depth (mm)

Packaging, measures height x width x depth (mm)

480 x 690 x 400

720 x 800 x 600

Heaters (W) 2 x 3000

230  V.- 50/60 Hz. 26 A

Equipment, weight kg

Embalaje, weight kg



* As distillates are open to the atmosphere before measurements can be made, the value of conductivity is really much less (down to 10 times) than it is really measured. Any ultra pure water in contact with the atmosphere has a conductivity of 1-2 µS/cm. and a pH of 5, due to the small amount of CO2 (0.5 ppm) absorbed from the atmosphere.


You are here: HOME Products for Sale WATER STILLS Water stills, Bi-Hydro Still 4.1 model