Water Stills, DESA model
Automatic distiller for continuous production. Excellent quality of distillation. Safety mecanism which switches of the heaters in the absence of cooling water and connects it again. Easily removable for cleaning. Furniture, cooling and heating elements made of stainless steel. Housing made of... Read more...
Volumetric pipettes, class A
Two marks, colour-coded, soda glass. CAT. NUMBER CAPACITY (ML) TOLERANCE (ML) 0200493025 1 ± 0.008 0200493030 2 ± 0.010 0200493033 3 ± 0.010 0200493034 4 ± 0.015 0200493035 5 ± 0.015 0200493040 10 ± 0.020 0200493041 11 ±... Read more...
Burettes, class A
With blue strip, on white background, graduated by serigraphy. CAT. NUMBER CAPACITY (ML) GRADUATION (ML) TOL. (ML) STOPCOCK 0100490314 10 0.05 ± 0.02 Glass 0100490317 25 0.1 ± 0.05 Glass 0100490318 50 0.1 ± 0.05 Glass 0100490319 100 0.2 ±... Read more...
Glass for oil testing
Glass for oil testing according to standard COI/T.20/Doc. n15/Rev. 1   Maximum steadiness to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled A base which easily fits the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated A narrow mouth which... Read more...
Discovery Comfort Micropipettes Starter 4 Pack...
DV type pipettes   This series is characterized by its ergonomic pipettes and the high level of accuracy and precision achieved. The pipettes feature a revolutionary suspension system that reduces the necessary force for pipetting and ejection of the tips. The volume locking prevents... Read more...
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Thursday, 19 April 2018 12:53
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April 2018

We will be at the fair ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt (Germany)  11th to 15th June.

ACHEMA is one of the world's largest industry forums process. Around 3,800 exhibitors from over 50 countries, 170,000 participants from more than 100 countries...

including 30,000 executives from top and middle management,make:ACHEMA the communication hub of the process industry. This is where the technology trends of our sector are launcherdm investment decisions are taken and new ventures initiated

Hall 4.1 Stand P52

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