Glass for oil testing
Glass for oil testing according to standard COI/T.20/Doc. n15/Rev. 1   Maximum steadiness to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled A base which easily fits the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated A narrow mouth which... Read more...
Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus
CAT. NUMBER DESCRIPTION 0100322030 Extractor, 50 ml., complete CAT. NUMBER COMPOSED JOINTS 0100322003 Extractor body, 50 ml. 29/32 y 19/26 0100233614 Dimroth condenser 29/32 0100111042 Flat bottom flask, 100 ml. 19/26       CAT.... Read more...
Water Stills, Hydro Still 4.1 model
HYDRO range presents 3 models designed as a cabinet shape. Distillers for usual distillation and bi-distillation in laboratory. High quality distillation with high purity water and free of metal ions and pyrogens. Fully automatic continuous output. Exclusive POBEL system for limiting the flow... Read more...
Pasteur pipettes
Disposable. Approximated capacity 2 ml, soda glass. CAT. NUMBER LENGTH (MM) 0200494115 150 Short 0200494123 230 Long Read more...
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Mayo 2015 Nos complace presentarles el nuevo catálogo POBEL 2015-2017. En él encontrará nuevos productos, como, por ejemplo, el apartado de destiladores y accesorios. Esperando que sea de su interés. El equipo de Marketing
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