Glass for oil testing
Glass for oil testing according to standard COI/T.20/Doc. n15/Rev. 1   Maximum steadiness to prevent the glass from tilting and the oil from being spilled A base which easily fits the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated A narrow mouth which... Read more...
Low-Form Graduated Beakers
Borosilicate glass.   CAT. NUMBER CAPACITY (ML) 0200913802 10...
Micropipette HTL LABMATE PRO variable vol.
- Contoured shape of the handle and light weight. - Proven accuracy and precision. - UV resistant and fully autoclavable. - 5 and 10 ml. shaft protected by filter. - Color coded shafts for easy volume identification. CAT. NUMBER VOLUME (µL) COLOUR INACCURACY (%) IMPRECISION... Read more...
Cylinders, class A
Borosilicate glass, hexagonal base.   CAT. NUMBER CAPACITY (ML) SUBDIVISIONS (ML) TOLERANCE (±... Read more...
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Mayo 2015 Nos complace presentarles el nuevo catálogo POBEL 2015-2017. En él encontrará nuevos productos, como, por ejemplo, el apartado de destiladores y accesorios. Esperando que sea de su interés. El equipo de Marketing
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